News: June 2018

We're working on a more accurate pollen forecasting system using plant DNA

Most people enjoy the warmer, longer days that summer months bring – but plant allergy sufferers will have mixed emotions. Roughly one in five Europeans suffers from allergic reactions to tree, grass and weed pollen causing pollinosis, hay fever and allergic asthma . This article by Simon Creer , Professor in Molecular Ecology, School of Biological Sciences and Georgina Brennan , Postdoctoral Research Officer, Bangor University was originally published on The Conversation . Read the original article .

Publication date: 21 June 2018

MEFGL research confirms: invasive toad likely to harm Madagascar’s biodiversity

Invasive Asian toads have become estalbished in Madagascar over the last 8-10 years, promtping fears that native predators could be poisoned by their skin toxins. New research shows that these fears are justified: virtually all Madagascar’s endemic predators are highly sensitive to toad skin toxins.

Publication date: 6 June 2018