MEEB Jobs and Postgraduate Studentships

Three 2022 ENVISION DTP PhD studentships associated with MEEB labs are available!

Deadline to apply is Wed, 12 Jan 2022. Please get in touch if you are interested in applying!

Project Details

"Testing the impact of diet, skin alkaloids, and the microbiome on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in poison frogs"

"Cold blood in warming winters: physiological impacts of climate change on UK reptiles"

"Can Industrial pollution drive speciation through reinforcement?"

Envision DTPs offer fully funded 3.5-year studentships.

  • A tax-free stipend is paid at the standard UKRI rate (£15,609 in 2021/22).
  • All university fees are paid (subject to eligibility criteria outlined on Envision page).
  • Research and Training Grant of £8,750 is provided to fund research, conference attendance and networking. Opportunities to bid for additional funding are available.
  • All Envision projects can be undertaken on either a Full Time or Part Time (minimum of 0.5 FTE) basis.