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Congratulations to Mark de Bruyn: Sydney Faculty position!

After leaving the group recently, we are absolutely "stoked" that Mark de Bruyn has recently successfully applied for and been granted a faculty position as a Lecturer at the Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogenetics laboratory in the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Sydney, led by Nate Lo and Simon Ho

Publication date: 25 May 2017

Wishing Iliana and Caitlin the best for their new PostDocs!

After both completing their PhDs in 2016, we wish Iliana Bista and Caitlin Potter the very best for their new Post Doctoral positions! 

Publication date: 25 May 2017

Conservation Success! NERC ENVISION’s Jane Hosegood discusses new CITEs regulations for Devil rays

We know that trade and transport of ivory is strictly controlled to safeguard the elephants, and that other animal by-products such as the use of rhino horn is also controlled in an attempt to clamp down on the poaching and illegal trade which affects some of our most threatened species.

Publication date: 4 April 2017

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