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Staff Profile of Dr Delphine Lallias

Dr Delphine Lallias
Postdoctoral Research Officer
School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University,
Deiniol Road, Bangor,
Gwynedd, LL57 2UW, UK


I have a strong background in the science and practice of molecular biology of aquatic organisms, namely marine bivalves, freshwater and marine fishes. My main research interests and expertise include genetic and QTL mapping, population genetics and parentage analysis. I have also worked in biodiversity assessment of the estuarine meiofauna using ultra deep sequencing (454) technologies. I recently started to develop an interest in bivalve genomics.


Quick CV


2004-2007: Ph.D. (Bangor University, U.K.). Genetic linkage mapping in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis and the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis, and the search for Quantitative Trait Loci of resistance to a disease in O. edulis.
Supervisors: A.R. Beaumont (Bangor University), P. Boudry and S. Lapègue (Ifremer, France).

2002: M.Sc. in Biological Oceanography and Marine Environment, Area of Specialisation: Population dynamics (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France).

2000: B.Sc. in Biology of Populations and Ecosystems (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France).

Previous postdoctoral research projects:

  • Invasion genetics of feral populations of the Pacific oyster in the British Isles inferred from microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA. Evaluation of its ecological impact around the Atlantic coasts of Europe (Bangor University, School of Ocean Sciences, UK). Funding: Interreg Atlantic Area Programme – SEAFARE project.
  • Identification of plaice eggs and larvae in stomach contents of putative predators using real time PCR instrument and Taqman probes (Bangor University, School of Biological Sciences, UK). Funding: Defra - subcontract with CEFAS Lowesoft.
  • Assessment of meiofaunal biodiversity in estuarine ecosystems by massive parallel sequencing (Bangor University, School of Biological Sciences, UK). Funding: NERC. This project aimed at linking deep sequencing (454) data and morphological taxonomy with meiofaunal biodiversity in estuarine ecosystems.
  • Comparison of genetic variation in European flat oysters from wild, pond-produced and hatchery-produced stocks (Bangor University, School of Ocean Sciences, UK). Funding: Interreg IIIB European project 201- AAAG 2.
  • Development of microsatellite markers in two bivalve species, the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis and the blue mussel Mytilus edulis (Bangor University, School of Ocean Sciences). Funding: Interreg IIIB European project 201- AAAG 2.


Research themes:

  • Genetic and QTL mapping of marine bivalves
  • Parentage analyses and pedigree reconstruction
  • Population genetics of aquaculture marine bivalves species
  • Assessment of biodiversity of microbial communities, using metagenetics / metabarcoding approaches

Current Projects

Glastir Monitoring Evaluation Programme (GMEP)

Principal investigator(s) of project(s):

Bridget Emmett, CEH Bangor

Co-investigator(s) of project(s):

Davey Jones, SENRGY, Bangor University (

Simon Creer, SBS, Bangor University

David Robinson, CEH Bangor

James McDonald, SBS, Bangor University

Funding body of project(s) and URL(s) if necessary:

Welsh Assembly Government

I am currently involved in the GMEP (Glastir Monitoring Evaluation Programme) project, commissioned by the Welsh Government, which aims at providing a scientifically-rigorous approach to the monitoring and evaluation of the new sustainability land management scheme, Glastir ( My role in this project is to: i) assess the biodiversity of soils microbial communities (bacteria, fungi, protists), using traditional molecular methods (T-RFLP) and new metagenetics / metabarcoding approach (Mi-Seq Illumina high-throughput sequencing); ii) explore changes in below-ground diversity in response to broad-scale Glastir measures.


Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Fox C.J., Taylor M.I., van der Kooij J., Taylor N., Milligan S.P., Albaina A., Pascoal S., Lallias D., Maillard M., Hunter E. (2012) Identification of marine fish egg predators using molecular probes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 462: 205-218.

Fonseca V.G., Nichols B., Lallias D., Quince C., Carvalho G.R., Power D.M., Creer S. (2012) Sample richness and genetic diversity as drivers of chimera formation in nSSU metagenetic analyses. Nucleic Acids Research 40 (9): e66.

Batista F.M., Lallias D., Taris N., Guedes-Pinto H. and Beaumont A.R. (2010) Relative quantification of the M and F mitochondrial DNA types in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis by real-time PCR. Journal of Molluscan Studies 77: 24-29.

Lallias D., Taris N., Boudry P., Bonhomme F. and Lapègue S. (2010) Variance in reproductive success of flat oyster Ostrea edulis L. assessed by parentage analyses in natural and experimental conditions. Genetics Research 92: 175-187.

Lallias D., Lapègue S., Boudry P., King J. and Beaumont A.R. (2010) Strategies for the retention of high genetic variability in European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) restoration programmes. Conservation Genetics 11: 1899-1910.

Lallias D., Gomez-Raya L., Haley C.S., Arzul I., Heurtebise S., Beaumont A.R., Boudry P. and Lapègue S. (2009) Combining two-stage testing and interval mapping strategies to detect QTL for resistance to bonamiosis in the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis. Marine Biotechnology 11: 570-584.

Lallias D., Stockdale R., Boudry P., Lapègue S. and Beaumont A.R. (2009) Characterization of ten microsatellite loci in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Journal of Shellfish Research 28 (3): 547-551.

Lallias D., Stockdale R., Boudry P., Beaumont A.R. and Lapègue S. (2009) Characterization of 27 microsatellite loci in the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis. Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 960-963.

Lallias D., Arzul I., Heurtebise S., Ferrand S., Chollet B., Robert M., Beaumont A.R., Boudry P., Morga B. and Lapègue S. (2008) Bonamia ostreae-induced mortalities in one-year old European flat oysters Ostrea edulis: experimental infection by cohabitation challenge. Aquatic Living Resources 21: 423-439.

Lallias D., Beaumont A.R., Haley C.S., Boudry P., Heurtebise S. and Lapègue S. (2007) A first genetic linkage map of the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis (L.) based on AFLP and microsatellite markers. Animal Genetics 38: 560-568.

Lallias D., Lapègue S., Hecquet C., Boudry P. and Beaumont A.R. (2007) AFLP-based genetic linkage maps of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Animal Genetics 38: 340-349.

Additional Publications

Boudry P., Gilbey J., Vasemägi A. , Lallias D. and Gosling E. Review current and future prospects of QTL based studies in fisheries and aquaculture. ICES WGAGFM Report (2008) Report of the Working Group on the Application of Genetics in Fisheries and Mariculture (WGAGFM). Pitlochry, UK.

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