Wishing Iliana and Caitlin the best for their new PostDocs!

After both completing their PhDs in 2016, we wish Iliana Bista and Caitlin Potter the very best for their new Post Doctoral positions! We are delighted to report that after brief searches, both Iliana and Caitlin are now pursuing their postdoctoral research careers at the Sanger Institute and the University of Bournemouth respectively. Iliana has joined a large and ambitious vertebrate sequencing project with Richard Durbin and Eric Miska at the Sanger Institute and Caitlin is joining a novel eDNA enterprise with a focus on freshwater biodiversity and pollinators in Bournemouth. 

We are also excited to report that following the completion of Caitlin's short PDRA position at Bournemouth, she will be joining Gareth Griffith, Mat Hegarty and Natasha DeVere at the University of Aberystwyth/National Botanic Garden of Wales to commence the meta-barcoding work package of the interdisciplinary NERC PollerGEN project, that Si is coordinating, with valuable support from Georgina. 

We therefore wish both Iliana and Caitlin the very best for the forthcoming years and look forward to ongoing and future outputs and future collaborations!

Publication date: 25 May 2017