Congratulations to Will Perry for College PhD Conference talk award!

MEFGL’s William Perry takes home prize for ‘sexy salmon’ talk at College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering PhD Conference.

PhD students, as part of the new college, gathered for the first College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering PhD conference to discuss their research this month. There were a number of excellent talks, discussing topics from analysis of MRI images to the role of phosphorus in food security.

It was, however, a MEFGL member that picked up the award for best talk, with William Perry discussing the role of sexual selection in Atlantic salmon. The talk gained the curiosity of the crowd with the tongue in cheek title of “sexy salmon” but went on to describe the evolutionary forces that dictate morphology and mate choice in organisms, including salmon.  

William is working with the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet) as part of the NERC funded Envision doctoral training partnership, and is based in the Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Laboratory (MEFGL) at Bangor University. 

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Publication date: 17 January 2019