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Employment and Education

August 2011-present. Senior Lecturer. School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University.

Sept 2010-August 2011. Lecturer. School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University.

Sept. 2005-Sept. 2010: RC-UK Research Fellow in Fisheries Genetics and Conservation. Bangor University, Bangor.

March 2004-Sept 2005: Group leader/Teaching Fellow. University of East Anglia.

October 2000 – March 2004: Postdoctoral researcher. University of East Anglia.

March 2000-October 2000: Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Antwerp, Belgium (based at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels).

March 1999 – March 2000: Postdoctoral research assistant. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.

1993 - 1996: University of Aberdeen / Southampton - PhD research student investigating speciation mechanisms, sexual selection and taxonomy in African cichlid fishes.

1990-1993: University of Leeds. BSc (hons) Animal and Plant Biology – 2i

Recent Grants

Aquagen. EU funded. 2010-2012.

Interreg. Celtic Sea Trout Project. 2009-2013;

Fisheries Society of the British Isles. 2008-2010. P.I. Taylor, M. I. Investigating predation on settling flatfish using molecular probes;

NERC Stable Isotope Facility access grant. 2008-2010. P.I. Taylor M. I;

NERC Sustainable Marine Bioresources. 2008-2011. Population structure of cod around the UK: scale, mechanisms and dynamics. Carvalho, G & Taylor, M. I;

Mersnip. EU finded. 2009-2010.

EU Framework 7. 2008-2011. FishPopTrace. Carvalho, G & Taylor, M. I. Co-investigator in leading organization;

DEFRA-March 2006-December 2006. Carvalho, G. & Taylor, M. I. Population structure of cod (Gadus morhua) in UK waters;

DEFRA-September 2005-March 2009. PI Taylor, M. I. PREDATE - Detecting predation of fish eggs and larvae. Subcontract with CEFAS Lowestoft;

NERC. March 2005-March 2006. Taylor, M. I. & Emerson, B. Investigating the importance of hybridisation and genome duplication in the evolution of the South American catfish genus Corydoras;.

National Board of Fisheries, Sweden. December 2004-June 2005. Taylor, M. I. Genetic analysis of ‘cod-like’ eggs from Swedish North Sea;

DEFRA - April 2004-April 2006. Taylor, M. I. & Emerson, B.Genetic analysis of gadoid eggs from North Sea Ichthyoplankton surveys’. Collaborative project with CEFAS Lowestoft;

DEFRA – Jan 2003 - May 2004.  Taylor, M. I. & Emerson, B. - A field trial of genetic probes for the identification of gadoid eggs’. Collaborative project with CEFAS Lowestoft.





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