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Profile of Sarah Goertz

Sarah Goertz
MRes student
Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Laboratory, 3rd floor ECW



My research interests are centred around conservation and biodiversity with my current research focusing on the fascinating order Lepidoptera.  We are aiming to assess the changes in moth populations over the past two decades using data collected at Treborth Botanical Gardens – a site of significant scientific interest – and assess any potential associations between environmental change and moth diversity.
My previous work for my BSc focused on the utility of captive breeding and release programmes in conservation, a subject I feel very strongly about and for which I gained very valuable insights whilst volunteering at a wildlife park in the summer 2014. I also have a love and great interest for birds of prey and have been working with owls at the North Wales Bird Trust throughout my undergraduate studies. In my past time I enjoy wildlife photography, travel and I have a passion for knitting.


Project title

Biodiversity changes in moth populations at Treborth Botanical Gardens


Dr. Mark de Bruyn; Prof. Gary Carvalho; Mr. Nigel Brown

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