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Profile of Andrew Briscoe

Andrew Briscoe
PhD Student
+44(0)1248 388131
School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University, Deiniol Rd, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2UW. UK.

I am principally interested in the evolution of invertebrates, and their importance in both a biological and anthropological sense, with my current research centered on the molecular evolution of arachnids. My past research has been focused on a diverse range of subjects including phylogenetics, utilisation of Ancient DNA (aDNA), conservation, animal behaviour, parasitology, genome evolution and molecular systematics.

My current research project ‘Advancing mitogenomics via ultrasequencing’ (PI Dr Si Creer) involves the utilisation of next-generation sequencing technology to explore the potential of whole mitochondrial genomic datasets to better understand the evolution the Araneae (True spiders). The aims of the project is to advance the field of mitogenomics using 454 sequencing of multiple discrete, tagged genomes, using the Araneae as a test order, produce a robust phylogenetic framework for up to 50 taxa and perform comparative structural analyses to investigate the molecular evolution of Araneae mitochondrial genomes.

Project title

PhD - Advancing mitogenomics via ultra-sequencing: A case study in the diverse Araneae order

Principal investigator of project

Dr Si Creer  (Bangor University)

Co-investigators of project
Dr Susan Masta (Portland State University)
Dr Miquel Arnedo (Universitat de Barcelona)
Dr Sara Goodacre (University of Nottingham)
Dr Greg Hurst (University of Liverpool)

Funding Bodies


Linnaen Society


The Systematics Association

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